Jane Thurber


Architects, Sigrid Miller Pollin and Stephen Schreiber, and landscape architect, Jane Thurber have found common ground in their explorations of rhythms found in the land. These visual notes are glimpses into the subtle patterns of the natural world, integrating space, light and movement.

These artists explore three different but complimentary points of view through their works. The art is of different scales, media and sensibilities, yet there are subtle ways in which the works connect to one another: through rhythms of lines, patterns of markings, traces of shadows, and ranges of colors. There are consistent levels of abstraction in the language, each saying something unique, but working together as a whole, saying something larger. The work is collaborative in this unusual sense.

The artists have had two shows together in the past two years. The first was in Fall 2011 at the Herter Gallery at UMass, where each had separate spaces in which to exhibit their work. The second was in Summer/Fall 2012, at the Porter Phelps Huntington Museum in Hadley. This second venue allowed collaboration in a unique barn space that was rich with patterns of its own.