Sigrid Miller Pollin


Sigrid Miller Pollin

Miller Pollin’s drawings flow from a series of internalized images of natural phenomena. They emerge from a repository that the artist differentiates from memory. They are the result of an unconscious recording. The images are stored like dreams in a closet. In the act of drawing it is as if a door opens and the images come tumbling out. These flow onto the drawing paper or take form as bas reliefs. They draw together as fragments of seascapes, landscapes and dreamscapes. At times the images crowd together and in other instances they seem to settle better on the paper if there is space around them. They form compositions. Yet they are also in the lineage of “automatic drawings”, a drawing tradition that generally does not include representational drawing which requires the conscious mind. However, much of Miller Pollin’s imagery is representational but representation that is in flux, transforming from one phenomenon to another.

In her architectural work Miller Pollin explores the relationship of light to space. In this work, space comes from the light of the paper or the painted surface. In the drawings the paper provides light. In the bas reliefs and wood slat paintings the shimmering transparency of the translucent interference paint provides light.

At times the sheer joy of letting the images flow onto paper is the feeling that comes with the privilege of concentration without everyday demands of conscious planning. In a world of information bombardment focusing on a making process is like parting some imaginary curtains to enter into a space of precise moments. These are precise moments in terms of how Miller Pollin moves the pen on the paper or cuts the bas relief curves spontaneously. The precise moments can be fleeting. At times in the making process there is both the joy these bird, fish, and plant images as well as the notion that some of these natural phenomena are disastrously threatened by our treatment of the planet. So there is a dialectic of conflict at work in these field notes — appreciation and fear of loss.

Sigrid Miller Pollin
1290 South East St
Amherst, MA 01002

Architect, Artist, Professor Architecture + Design Program at UMass

B.A. Art History, Vassar College,1971
Master of Architecture, Columbia University, 1975

Sigrid Miller Pollin FAIA is the principal of Miller Pollin Architecture, an art and architecture studio based in Amherst, Massachusetts. She is also a professor of architecture in the Department of Art, Architecture and Art History at The University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her award-winning design work has been recognized nationally and internationally in numerous publications. In her work Sigrid Miller Pollin draws inspiration from a variety of sources including the natural landscape and contemporary ecological movements to support a sustainable environment. In 2010 Miller Pollin was honored with giving the UMass Amherst Distinguished Faculty Lecture “Curves: A Visual Essay” and received a Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Creative Activity.

Her recent art exhibits include:

2012 Field Notes 2, Porter Phelps Huntington Museum, Hadley, Massachusetts
(with Jane Thurber, Stephen Schreiber)

2011 Field Notes, Herter Gallery, UMass Amherst
(with Jane Thurber, Stephen Schreiber)

2010 Four Projects exhibited at Greening of the Valley Exhibit University Gallery UMass

2010 Invited Presentation of Work by Miller Pollin Chancellor’s Salon UMass Amherst

2008 Solo Exhibit Herter Gallery UMass Amherst