Stephen Schreiber

  • Mesas 2011 (33 x 16) $1,000


Stephen Schreiber

This series of wood bas-reliefs are “field sketches” inspired by a wide range of topographic forms. The exploration began with three dimensional interpretations of patterns left by melting snow and windblown sand. I sketched with saws and sandpaper, abstracting the qualities of mass and void, light and shadows.

I learned about the land from the reliefs, and saw new possibilities for abstracting topography in the land. I added the layer of human markers (fences, crop lines, boundaries) and explored how they interacted with natural forms. Some of the forms explored in the work include: snow drifts and sand dunes; crop patterns; beach, delta, and river washes; erosion and weathering; woodlands and cityscapes.

The reliefs are set in frames grouping works into larger wholes, suggesting that a composite of views allows a fuller understanding. The linear frame balances the organic forms of the field studies.

Stephen Schreiber
100 High Street
Amherst, MA 01002

Architect, Artist
Professor and Director of the Architecture + Design Program at UMass


B.A. in Studio Art and English, Dartmouth College, 1979
Master of Architecture, Harvard University, 1984.

Schreiber has served as dean/director at the school of architecture at the University of South Florida, and director of the architecture program at the University of New Mexico. His research and creative work has been published in numerous journals. Schreiber was the 2005-06 President of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA). He is a member of the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Architects.

His recent art exhibits include:

2013 National Prize Show, Cambridge Art Association
(Juried show–one of 114 pieces selected from 1400 entries)

2013 Blue, Cambridge Art Association
(Juried show–one of 60 pieces selected from 1000 entries)

2012 Field Notes2, Porter Phelps Huntington Museum, Hadley, Massachusetts
(with Jane Thurber, Sigrid Miller Pollin)

2012 Whole Children Benefit, Center for the Arts, Northampton, Massachusetts
(Invited, group)

2011 Field Notes, Herter Gallery, UMass Amherst
(with Jane Thurber, Sigrid Miller Pollin)