Jane Thurber

Jane Thurber states:

“I see the world not as structured and ordered, but rather as connected and patterned, as rhythms weaving together. I scan the world for patterns, subtle patterns that weave through a three dimensional world connecting and holding the world together with a simplicity and truth that is as gentle as it is strong. It is a world where space, light and movement are revealed and valued and are as real as a stone or a tree.”

Thurber’s conceptual framework is tied to her fascination with the abstract patterns and rhythms of the land. In all of her work there is a consistent paring down of information to express the essential relationships. In her drawings and collages, a field of grass exposes a gentle wind or a field of snow reveals shadows that hug the contours of the land. In her mobiles, she brings our focus to the gentle but profound effect of wind, and to the range of colors and shadows a single line of paper can express as it turns.

Another layer that runs through her work is the subtle exploration of the tension between the ordered/patterned whole and the uniqueness of the individual elements that make it. Thurber describes this tension: “A grid of trees, an orchard, rows of corn; each employs an order, a pattern, the spacing of a single element. Together these individual things form a three dimensional pattern in space. Yet each tree, each plant is unique. There is beauty in the tension between the order they express as a group and the uniqueness of each individual plant.”

Thurber’s work is varied in medium and scope, but consistent in sensibility and depth. Her work speaks gently but clearly in conversation with the works of the other two artists. Thurber uses lines of words to support and explain her thinking, pairing these lines with her works.

In much the same way that the mobiles hang together, but are not tightly bound, her sentences/thoughts/questions are hung in relation to one another, and in relation to the work.

Thurber is a landscape architect and lecturer in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning at UMass Amherst.

Jane C. Thurber
100 High Street
Amherst, MA 01002

Artist, Landscape Architect, Lecturer of Landscape Architecture at UMass

B.A. in Studio Art and English, Hamilton College, 1980
Master of Landscape Architecture, Harvard University, 1985.

Thurber teaches landscape architecture studios and design drawing at UMass Amherst. She has practiced landscape architecture in Massachusetts, Florida, and New Mexico; and taught in Miami and Tampa. Her professional work has focused on the design of public projects–plazas, parks, campuses, streetscapes, and playgrounds.

Her recent art exhibits include:

2012 Field Notes2, Porter Phelps Huntington Museum, Hadley, Massachusetts
(with Stephen Schreiber, Sigrid Miller Pollin)

2012 Whole Children Benefit, Center for the Arts, Northampton, Massachusetts

2011 Field Notes, Herter Gallery, UMass Amherst
(with Stephen Schreiber, Sigrid Miller Pollin)